Watermark- January 13, 2014

Water, water everywhere?

Burtynsky-shot Watermark

From the Canadian documentary Watermark

Find out on Monday, January 13th at 7PM, what we’re doing to an essential element in our lives in Watermark

Multiple award-winning filmmaker Jennifer Baichwal and renowned photographer Edward Burtynsky have produced a beautiful documentary. While avoiding reams of statistics, it shows unerringly, and with great beauty and sensitivity the way in which humans are inextricably altering our planet’s most precious resource- water.

Water makes up such a large part of who and what we are, it is no wonder we are drawn to it, and these two artists capture our fascination, utilization, manipulation and destruction of water irrespective of culture or nationality. From the beaches for surfing, to the Ganges sacred bathing; from massive seafood farms to huge dams, the stunning visual landscape draws us in and encourages us in our efforts to consider both our needs and our effect.

92 minutes

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