Starbuck — Monday February 13, 2012

Starbuck, stars Patrick Huard (Bon Cop, Bad Cop) as a sperm donor whose past catches up with him.

Starring Patrick Huard as a sperm donor whose past catches up with him. Click the image to go to the movie's IMDB page.

Directed by Ken Scott (Seducing Doctor Lewis), Starbuck is the French-language tale of a middle-aged man whose extended adolescence is about to come to an abrupt end.

Twenty years earlier, in order to make some cash, David (Patrick Huard, Bon Cop, Bad Cop) was a regular supplying sperm to a fertility clinic. Now, just as his girlfriend informs him that she’s pregnant, he discovers he’s the father of 533 children, 142 of whom have filed a class action lawsuit to determine the identity of their biological father, known only by the pseudonym Starbuck. Scroll to the bottom of the page to see the trailer.

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Many thanks to Audiologists Preeti Nichol, Graham Cole and their staff for supporting Muskoka’s movie culture.

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