Spinning Reels Bursary Award 2017

Maria Barber (l) and Sandy Yudin present bursary cheques to Jesse Ricottone (l) and Jhn Kahn.

This year for the ninth annual Spinning Reels Bursary, we are happy to announce that we gave two awards of $1,000 to two local students.

The proud recipients of Spinning Reels bursary are John Kahn and Jesse Ricottone

John attended BMLSS and actively participated in making short films and music videos. He will attend Ryerson University to become a Film Editor. He was pleased and thankful as he said, “Thanks to Spinning Reels I will be able to buy equipment for school to make the videos I love”.

Jesse attends St. Dominic and states that he has been running Live video broadcasts throughout the school for over a year.

Jesse says, “It’s amazing that we have boards like Spinning Reels who support the arts and students like me to attend university and to offer the support available for students to give back to the community”.

He also has been involved in making short films and videos. He wants to attend school for Cinematography and wants to make films and videos that are creative and make people laugh.

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