Song of Names

A Prodigy, a War and a Mystery

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As Europe erupts into World War II, 9 year old Martin comes to love his new brother Dovidl, a highly gifted violin prodigy of the same age and recent Polish-Jewish refugee to London. But hours before Dovidl’s debut concert performance at the age of 21 he vanishes without a trace, causing shame and ruin for their family.

A lifetime later, a young violinist shows a 56 year old Martin a stylistic flourish that could only have been taught by Dovidl. This triggers Martin’s odyssey overseas in search of his lost brother, one that will lead to surprising revelations for both men and for Helen, the woman who stood between them.

Song of Names is an adaptation of the novel of the same name by Norman Lebrecht. Directed by François Girard (“The Red Violin”), the film stars Tim Roth and Clive Owen. It was nominated for Best Canadian Feature Film at the 2019 Toronto International Film Festival.

113 minutes

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