Rosewater- March 23, 2015

Rosewater- March 23, 2015

Jon Stewart's 'Rosewater'

Gael García Bernal and Kim Bodnia in ‘Rosewater’

For those of us who watch “The Daily Show” with Jon Stewart, the arrival of his first directed movie Rosewater is something to anticipate. Unlike the satire of his show however, Stewart delivers a taut, gripping psychological drama which outlines the ordeal that Iranian Canadian journalist Maziar Bahari lived through. Ironically, it was an interview which Bahari gave for Stewart’s show wherein he joked about being a spy which would come back to haunt him.  During the film, we are privy to the 118-day stay in prison, where Bahari’s main interrogator, whom he names Rosewater due to his strong scent, tries to coerce a confession from the fairly naive journalist. Stewart deftly shows us how nuanced and yet dangerous a journalist’s life can be while telling the world of ‘the truth’

103 min.

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