Not your typical love story!

Ebert says Rams is an “involving, at times curiously exciting film”.

Rams 2

Despite the fact that they live on neighbouring farms, Gummi  and his boastful, hard-living neighbour Kiddi have not spoken to one another in forty years, their intermittent and grudging communications carried out via letters carried by Kiddi’s dog. Their rivalry reaches its height in the valley’s annual competition for best ram, which Kiddi has won several times.

With keen observation and gently sardonic humour, Rams offers an understanding yet incisively satirical take on the Icelandic championing of independence and self-reliance, and how those otherwise admirable qualities can turn into isolationism, short-sightedness, and unyielding recalcitrance. Driven by the stellar performances of its two leads, it masterfully mixes comedy and heartbreak in its portrait of an ancient, and endangered, way of life.

93 minutes

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