Presentations of Muskoka–January 19, 2015

A VERY Special Night:

Presentation of Muskoka
From a logging camp during the Great Depression through the beautiful wooden boats in Muskoka’s lakes, to the last words of a famous philosopher and writer, the world is an open scrapbook for Muskoka’s movie makers. On Monday, January 19th, Spinning Reels proudly screens ‘Presentations of Muskoka’ an evening devoted to images and creativity of renowned Muskoka movie makers. There will be three movies shown, with their creators there to speak about their films.


Will Durant, best know for the eleven volume The Story of Civilization, remains one of the most popular writer/philosophers of all time. At his death, the Pulitzer Prize winner left behind a manuscript entitled Fallen Leaves which revealed Durant’s personal learning from his years of studying the ways of man. Fallen Leaves is the companion film to this book wherein Durant presents insights containing timeless wisdom that seekers of truth (both young and old) will find deeply compelling and richly rewarding. Produced and directed by John Little

THE WINTER CAMP is a depression-era tale of a young Milford Bay farmer leaving his wife and family to head north to spend the winter working in a tough logging camp. It’s a difficult life during which he witnesses love and death, laughter and music during the long winter nights. Directed and photographed by Lloyd Walton


In a taste of the magic to be found nestled in a quiet Lake Muskoka cove, we see the step-by-step process, trials and tribulations of the construction of a classic 23’ foot boat from scratch. It’s a unique industry with craftsmen displaying the skills and diligence needed to build and repair the classics that once proudly roamed the waterways of the area. Directed and photographed by Lloyd Walton; Produced by Stan Hunter

148 min.

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