Monsoon–April 13, 2015

How could something so bad, be so good?

Monsoon a documentary by Sturla Gunnarsson

Monsoon a documentary by Sturla Gunnarsson


Although we may feel that a Monsoon can only herald death and destruction, veteran filmmaker Sturla Gunnarsson presents a visually stunning essay on both the destructive and beneficial aspects of this particular force of nature. While following the monsoon as it cuts a swath across India and some its largest cities, we see the effects it has on everyday life as well as the surprising and occasionally funny aspects. ‘Stunningly shot, Monsoon balances an almost religious awe in the face of the rains’ monstrous power with a profoundly empathetic appreciation of both the toll it takes and the boons it bestows on those at its mercy. Thoughtful, affecting, finally overwhelming, this is a powerfully emotional journey through anticipation, joy, heartbreak, and relief. ‘

108 minutes

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