Learning to Drive

Life is just like Learning to Drive

Sir Ben Kingsley in 2014 Learning to Drive

Sir Ben Kingsley and Patricia Clarkson star in Learning to Drive

When Wendy’s husband, Ted decides he’s had enough of her and unceremoniously ‘dumps’ her and their marriage while in the back of a taxi, the road to her new life and independence is anything but assured. Fortunately, the same taxi driver who witnessed the break-up is able to assist Wendy, a fairly high-powered, narcissistic, A-type with one of life’s skills which she has not yet mastered. He’s a driving instructor, and he teaches her how to drive in New York- among many other things. As with all teaching situations, the learning is not a one-way street, and that’s where things get very interesting.

90 minutes

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Muskoka Arts and Crafts


Muskoka Arts & Crafts is the true heart of visual arts in the province’s favourite vacation area. One of Ontario’s oldest and most well established arts organizations, MAC has grown since its inception in 1963 to include nearly 400 artists and arts supporters, and has become an innovative force in the community at large. For artists, it is one of the benefits of living in Muskoka, a source of support through like-minded people that fosters creative growth and a feeling of community. In turn, the promotion of the arts has made Muskoka a vibrant and culturally engaged destination for visitors, local residents and summer residents alike. Muskoka Arts & Crafts is a non-profit organization that is financially self-supporting.

Its annual Christmas, Spring Members’ and Who Art Thou events feature the work of its many members, and the Chapel Gallery in Bracebridge, Muskoka Arts & Crafts’ home, hosts an ongoing cycle of juried exhibitions by local and visiting artists. The Summer Show, a feature in the community for 47 years, attracts hundreds of artists from across the country, and is visited each year by over 20,000 people. In April of 2008, an initiative launched by Muskoka Arts & Crafts culminated in the Muskoka District Council declaring the District Municipality of Muskoka as a Designated Arts Community, a testament to the vitality of the area’s arts scene and its potential as a fundamental building block for year-round art tourism in Muskoka. MAC also produce the annual Muskoka Arts & Crafts’ Guidebook, a beautiful full colour publication that will be the definitive guide to visual arts in the area.



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