Force Majeure–February 9, 2015

Force Majeure still 1

Force Majeure

What would You do?

On Monday, February 9th at 7PM, Spinning Reels screens Force Majeure, which will pose that question.

A typical, ordinary family is enjoying a not uncommon European  family trip- skiing in the French Alps- until they are faced with one of nature’s terrors: an avalanche.

A winner at both tiff and Cannes, the film monitors the fallout from this fateful incident. Both psychologically and sociologically acute, Force Majeure boasts a number of bravura moments that range from terrifying to comic. It’s a movie that the Globe and Mail says “For those trying to position Gone Girl as the date-and-debate movie of the season… it isn’t half the unsettling thriller Force Majeure is.”

118 min.

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