Midnight’s Children – December 10, 2012

Midnight's Children

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Helmed by acclaimed director Deepa Mehta
(Heaven on Earth, the Fire, Earth, and Water trilogy), Midnight’s Children is one of the year’s most highly-anticipated Canadian films.

This epic saga spans borders, generations, war and peacetime, all throughout a pivotal
period in India’s history. As courageous as she is controversial, Mehta was eager to work with polarizing author Salman Rushdie, who adapted the screenplay from his Booker Prize– winning
novel of the same name.

The film follows the lives of children born on the cusp of India’s independence from British colonial
rule. In this magic-realist tale, those born on the same night as their country’s rebirth (August 15th, 1947) have supernatural abilities ranging from flight to invisibility. The closer a child is born to midnight, the more powerful their gift. The film’s protagonist, Saleem Sinai (newcomer Satya Bhabha), is born precisely at midnight, and lets out his first cry just as the inaugural fireworks of independence ring out in the streets. He holds the most precious gift of all — the ability to see and communicate with all of “midnight’s children” no matter where they are in the world.

Featuring vibrant locations including Karachi, Kashmir, Old Delhi and Bombay, this cinematic odyssey brings the very soul of India to life.

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