You Can’t Handle the Truth!


Academy Award winner Rachel Weisz (Youth, The Lobster), Timothy Spall (Mr. Turner, The King’s Speech), and Tom Wilkinson (Belle, The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel) star in this riveting courtroom drama about a real-life legal battle that cut to the heart of the 20th century: the showdown between historian Deborah Lipstadt and notorious Holocaust denier David Irving. This film is an absorbing account of a woman’s fight for the truth.

David Irving (Spall), once a well-regarded military historian, courted controversy when he began citing the pseudoscientific Leuchter report as proof that the Holocaust was a hoax. Lipstadt (Weisz) explicitly labelled him a denier in her 1993 book Denying the Holocaust, leading him to sue her for libel. However, because the burden of proof in British libel law lies with the accused rather than with the accuser, it bizarrely fell to Lipstadt and her legal team to demonstrate that one of the defining events of the century did actually happen.

Weisz brings a ferocious tenacity to her portrayal of Lipstadt, while Spall epitomizes the banality of evil, playing an iconoclast goaded by newfound media attention. Sound familiar? Denial is an especially timely and gripping reminder that history should never be taken for granted.

110 minutes

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