Chasing Ice-November 7, 2013

Chasing Ice 250

Chasing Ice documents glacial destruction due to global warming. For more on the movie, click anywhere on the photo.

In this powerful documentary, Director Jeff Orlowski’s masterful cinematography commands our attention to a crisis which is advancing at an exponential pace. Using snow-buried cameras, National Geographic photographer James Balog has captured stunning time-lapse images in the glacier-fields of Iceland and Greenland. Three years of photographic images have gone into the making of this film. We marvel at the unparalled beauty in the ice-scapes and at the same time are horrified by the record-breaking speed of the destruction. Balog describes these glaciers as being as individual in appearance as human faces. One piece of crumbling ice is said to be the size of lower Manhattan. While using a gently persuasive approach, Chasing Ice nevertheless undisputedly defies the skeptics of global warming and will leave you determined for change.

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