Calvary: October 6, 2014

Calvary: a moving, darkly humorous examination of life

Brendan Gleeson stars in Calvary

Brendan Gleeson stars in Calvary

Calvary is a well written, darkly funny and powerfully moving mystery set in an Irish coastal village. The local priest, played by Brendan Gleeson (The Grand Seduction, Brave Heart) is threatened during confession, and though he apparently knows the identity of his would-be murderer, he is more concerned about the struggling souls around him than of his own fate. As a result, he calmly goes about his weekly rounds in his quiet village where all is not, it turns out, as it seems. Part mystery, part mystery-of-life, the week of encounters helps him and us clarify some basic understandings of life, relationships, and faith.
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100 minutes

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