The Artist MUST Create

On Monday, May 29th, 7PM we’ll look at one of those artists in Spinning Reels‘ last movie of the season. Maudie is the story of Maud Dowley, a Nova Scotian constrained both physically and emotionally by juvenile rheumatoid arthritis and a well-meaning yet overprotective family. Despite the family’s lack of faith in Maud, she strikes out on her own to both assert her independence and pursue her artistic vision. As a result, she agrees to be live-in housekeeper for a recluse. Showing her characteristic persistence, she cracks his reserve as well as the world of art. This is an inspirational true story of a young woman whose artistic view of life allowed her to overcome just about anything that was thrown at her.

115 minutes

For more on the movie, click on the picture.

HUGE Thanks to our Sponsor!

The Norwood is a fourth generation family-run theatre serving Muskoka for over 80 years, and is the host for all Spinning Reels movies. Presenting first-run movies with contemporary visual, sound and seating in climate-controlled comfort. The Norwood is open year-round. For 24 movie info call (705) 645-2333 or their website www.norwoodtheatre.com

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